Brand Story

Ryan is the founder of the SincoTech brand.In 16-year-old ,Ryan began to have a keen interest in racing car modification and began to learn car circuits and modification knowledge.However,he was so young and poor that time which hardly afford his high cost dream,but he didn't compromise. The Dream was always inside his heart.Until 30-year-old, Ryan decided to go to Australia to learn more about racing car modification. During the first years in Australia, he happened to an indissoluble interested of the car dashboard modification. After that, he devoted himself to learning and developing his own automobile instrument brand, then “SincoTech” came out . “SINCO” is homophonic with “Xinke” in Chinese which represents an idea of "New Fashion Technology".

As a modified instrument brand with its own production plant, SincoTech is able to control over the entire production line. "Quality and integrity" later became SincoTech's consistent philosophy. In order to improve the terminal experience of instrument modification users, SincoTech has undergone numerous product improvements and upgrades, designed and developed a variety of hot-selling instruments.

“Without dreams, there can be no courage. And without courage, there can be no action.” SincoTech encourages everyone to have the courage to pursue their dreams, no matter what their age and condition, whether they are experienced car enthusiasts or beginners who have just entered the conversion industry, SincoTech will provide you with the most comprehensive and professional instrument modification services.